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About us

The " Foyer des Étudiants Les Creusets" is a non-profit foundation belonging to the Diocese of Sion.

Built in 1979, this avant-garde building faces the "Lycée Collège des Creusets". 

Everything we do is geared towards the intellectual and social development of our students.

School building, foyer des crucibles
hearth of the crucibles, common area
SCHOOL BUILDING, foyer des crucibles, stairs
terrace, canteen, restaurant

Our history

The "Foyer des Étudiants Les Creusets" was built in 1979 at the instigation of Mgr Henri Schwery in collaboration with Abbé Michel Maret, who was the head off training and construction. The building's avant-garde architecture was designed by the architect Ami Delaloye.

These visionary founders designed individual rooms with private bathrooms, modular communal areas and a large dining room.

Marianne and Hans Gisler ran the house until 1995. 

Anne and Marco Mayoraz took over the management for 28 years. They have developed the Foyer by adapting it to the new needs of students.

Since 2023, their daughter Oriane Mayoraz has taken over, continuing the family tradition of the "Foyer des Étudiants Les Creusets ".

A caring team

We ensure that every stay is marked by friendliness and kindness

A warm welcome

We believe in the importance of creating a welcoming atmosphere that encourages integration and sharing.

A family philosophy

We cultivate a warm and family atmosphere, where everyone is considered a full member of our community.

A continuous presence

We are there to meet the needs of the students, provide support and ensure safety.

What we offer

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